Automotive grade MLCCs operate at up to +200°C

18th February 2016


Murata Electronics (UK) Ltd.



Posted By : Nat Bowers

Automotive grade MLCCs operate at up to +200°C

Designed for automotive applications, the GCB series MLCCs have been unveiled by Murata. The use of electronic components in automobiles continues to rise, particularly inside engine compartments, powertrains & safety devices. These are typically exposed to demanding environments and must have not only high levels of reliability but be able to function at high temperatures too.

Murata’s GCB series of MLCCs meet this requirementwith a maximum operating temperature of 200°C. they are also capable of being bonded and mounted using the conductive adhesives commonly used to meet the demands of an automotive environment.

The GCB series features a capacitance range of 1,000pF to 0.47μF in 0402 and 0603 sizes. They have operating temperature ranges from -55 to +150°C (X8R) or -55 to +200°C (X9M) and have a working voltage of 10 to 100VDC.

The capacitors feature newly developed electrodes made of nickel and palladium. These produce a high bonding reliability with conductive adhesives even during use in high-temperature environments. Furthermore, the terminal electrodes of the capacitors have a superior corrosion resistance compared with our previous and existing products.

The GCB series satisfies the AEC-Q200 stress test qualifications for passive components and will enter mass production in 2016.

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